Bookviser Reader

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Bookviser Reader is a useful eBook app that you can download to Windows PC for free. It lets you read a lot of books online easily.

Bookviser Reader
Bookviser Reader

You can download or read books right from the Internet using the integrated libraries of the app

Are you tired of reading books in a traditional way? Do you want to upgrade the way of reading books? If yes, you are recommended to use this application – Bookviser Reader. It’s an app suitable for many bookworms who want to use read books on their computers. Nowadays, reading books is also upgraded. Instead of holding a real book, people can easily read them online. This is what modern technology does for you! It turns your computer into amazing books that you can read online or download.

If reading is your habit, you should not miss this app. You will find it very interesting to use since it lets you enjoy reading in a way you have never done before. Besides, if you love to have some books on your computer, you can even download them directly from the app. Then, you can read the books offline anytime you want.

Important features of Bookviser Reader

The application is packed with multiple features and functions to make it much more worth using!

  • It allows users to customize their reading. You can choose the font type and adjust the size of the font if you want. Do whatever you want to your likings!
  • You can share text as well as find definitions easily. Choose your favorite phrase then share it via social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • You can organize your collection in an alphabetical way. Or, you can sort books by other elements, such as author, genre, etc.
  • All categories are customized.
  • The app can convert text to voice.
  • You can highlight text in the books.
  • There are many wallpapers as well as page textures for you to enjoy when reading books.

Bookviser Reader app is free to download to PC Windows. Hence, it’s not hard to get this app! You can click to download it now then use it to enjoy reading a lot of books. The app runs on Windows 8.1 and it also provides in-app purchases.


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