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Coming to Fornite 13.30 Free Download For PC and getting into the world with other 99 players, you will need to look for the weapons and become the last survival player in every battle.


The success of battle game all over the world is increasing every day with loads of titles such as PUBG, Free Fire. Among these outstanding games, Fornite appears as a choice for those who desire to try the different games but the same gameplay with the mentioned games above.

Fortnite For PC

Fornite and the famous PUBG are equal to some elements such as gameplay or stories in the game. Lost in the world of Fornite, you will confront different 99 players and your mission is to overcome them and become the final person surviving in the battle. To get the victory, you need to find your own weapons available in-game, organize your steps, and defense to survive in the world with everybody who always to get winning.

Main features of Fornite

  • Four different sorts of heroes: constructor, ninja, outlander, and soldier.
  • Every kind of hero gets its personal skulls and unique features.
  • Different weapons are arranged by colors following to their power level and rarity.
  • The game comprises long-distance weapons such as shotgun and assails rifles, or even hand-to-hand weapon such as spear, scythes, and knives.
  • The gamers have to look for the materials to construct structures, objects, and weapons with multiple kinds such as carbon, wood, metal, glass.

The weapon system in Fornite

Dissimilar to the equal title game PUBG, Fornite possesses its own system to identify the firepower of the weapons recently. Following to their colors, the player can understand their rarity of the weapon they are keeping. The rarer the weapons are, the stronger their performances are even though the fact that the color simply displays how rare to search for them: the firepower is shown by the amount close to the bolt of lightning indicated on every weapon. The list below will help you to understand deeper the rarity of the weapon

  • Regular – Gray
  • Not to Regular – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange
  • Mythical – Gold


These are all about Fornite that we would like to show you. We make sure that this game will bring you to the new world that you have never experienced in spite of the fact that it is rather akin to the other battling game.


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