AdBlock for Edge

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AdBlock for Edge removes ads as if by magic. Get the most out of browsing the Internet with Microsoft Edge without annoying banners and other ads

AdBlock for Edge
AdBlock for Edge

AdBlock Plus is possibly the most popular ad blocker for web browsers. If you’ve been on the moon for the past few years, you should know that ad blockers essentially avoid intrusive ads from dimming your screen while browsing the Internet, which is a fairly common practice among Pages do not have guidelines for displaying banners everywhere .

Block advertising!

Well, this AdBlock for Edge is a version of Adblock for Microsoft Edge, the latest browser released for Windows users and a replacement for the old Internet Explorer. It greatly improves the latter and if you decide to give it a try, this supplement is the perfect companion.

Block ads on YouTube, Facebook and any other website.
Create a whitelist to allow ads that interest you.
Also available for other browsers.
The list of different configurable filters.
Many customization options.
If you’re tired of the intrusive ads that many of your favorite sites show, get hold of Adblock Edge now. We all have the right to enjoy an ad-free Internet, and in view of the constant abuse of users by careless developers, it is justifiable to use this kind of tool.



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