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Dropbox for PC Windows 7/8/10 is a file storage service that is free to download and install. It allows you to manage your files easily.

It is simple and easy to upload, download, as well as manage your files

People tend to use file storage services these days to store and manage their files. Therefore, lots of storage services for saving files have been released to meet people’s demands. You cannot count on the available storage of your devices if you have tons of files to store. In this case, you will need a safe service to upload, download, and even manage all the files. Dropbox is that type of service for you! It can become a big rival to Google Drive, even though two of them have their own features.

When you install this file storage service, you will find it very convenient to control all of your files. Besides, you can take those files with you wherever you go. Not many people still use USB memory sticks to save files these days. It is because the USBs seem not to have enough capacity and they are kind of outdated. Ever since the development of the Internet and technology stuff, people tend to save files to the cloud. Then, they can manage, download, or even upload them anytime.

Characteristics of Dropbox

Every file storage service has its own characteristics, and so does this one!

  • You can feel comfortable to save your files because it utilizes SSL and 256-bit AES encryption to protect the files.
  • You have free 2 GB of space to store your content. If you invite more friends to use the service, you will get more space.
  • You can install this file storage service on not only desktop but also on mobile platforms.
  • The service allows you to approach your files without turning on an Internet connection.
  • You can make a payment plan for the app to have more space on the cloud.
  • It allows you to modify the bandwidth that it utilizes.
  • Feel free to undo modifications as well as restore all of your files.

Dropbox on desktop helps you manage your files easily and effectively. You should install it on your computer and save as many files as you want.

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