Google Drive

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Google Drive is an online hard drive in which you can store any type of file and share it with other users and devices using your Google account.

Google Drive
Google Drive

Using a cloud storage service has a lot of advantages, especially for people who are always moving around with work or class files, as it helps them forget about messing around with flash memory cards and External Hard Drive. It is also very useful for those who want to keep a backup of their information as it can be stored online without the risk of losing the storage or getting corrupted.

Google’s solution, along with Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud, is one of the most used and most popular services of this nature. We are talking about Google Drive which is the favorite storage system of millions of users from all over the world basically because you just need to have a Google or Gmail user account and use it.

Moreover, we are talking about a cross-platform service, so even if you download this version for your Windows PC, you will be able to use all its functions on other devices because there are versions for Mac and also mobile apps for Android and iPhone .

How does Google Drive work?

To use this online storage service, you only have to download the application client to your computer. Once downloaded, you can fully configure it to associate one or several folders on your Windows with the application. That means every time you put a file in one of those folders or modify an existing file, and provided you’re online, the latter will sync with your folder in the cloud. From that point on, you’ll be able to access it from any other device through the GDrive app or by accessing your account using the web version.

Main features

Is it better than Dropbox? Better than OneDrive? Better than Box? Well, the truth is that they are all very similar, the thing is that depending on our application, email or even our device, we may be more interested in using one or the other. For example, integrating OneDrive with Microsoft Office is a great advantage related to Google’s Drive if we are users of this office suite:

Store your files in the cloud. Upload your files to online storage and access them whenever and wherever you want.
Share content with other users using public or private links.
Continue working as a team: access Google Docs and collaborate on editing documents, creating spreadsheets or presentations.
15 GB of free online storage.
Synchronize multimedia content with Google+.
History of changes.
Open up to 30 different file formats.
How much storage space does Google Drive give us?
The service offers us three different plans, one of which is free while the other two are paid. They offer us an online hard drive of different capacities depending on the price chosen:

Free disk space: 15 GB of free space. By default, it’s an option that all Google users have. You just need to access your email account.
100 GB drive: for 1.99 € per month 19.99 € a year, you can have 100 GB of space.
1 TB drive: 1,000+ GB for drives that require a lot of online space. Specially designated for professionals or companies. It costs €9.99 per month or €99.99 a year.
In any case, it also comes with the option of unlimited space for teachers, and students can certify that they are, as part of the Google Apps for Education service.



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