Opera GX 75.0.3969.267

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Opera GX 75.0.3969.267 is a web browser for PC with optimized functions to combine our browsing experience with the performance of video games on Windows computers

Opera GX
Opera GX

At Opera, they thought about the needs of gamers when accessing websites and services while playing games. That’s why they came up with Opera GX, a browser conceived as a complement to our gaming experience.

Designed to integrate online activities in our games
That’s why it provides us with a wide range of functions and tools that take the minimum of resources on our PC so that all our hardware can be dedicated to gaming. without causing any kind of lag in our game.

These are the main features you will find in this browser:

Limited RAM and CPU usage.
Integrate with web services like Twitch to stream games.
News section with gamer topics for different platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation…
The design can be customized with different themes.
Messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.
Function for video pop-out.
Block ads.
Free VPN service.
Access Opera’s store of extensions.



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