Safari 5.1.7

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The Windows version of Safari 5.1.7 offers us all the features of the original Mac browser such as great speed and synchronization with different Apple devices.


In the web browser arena, everyone knows which apps are downloaded and used the most: Google Chome and Mozilla Firefox. This was followed by the old Internet Explorer, which was gradually replaced by Microsoft Edge, and the group perfected by Safari, the browser developed by Apple. The latter is installed by default on macOS, the desktop operating system for Mac computers, as well as on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. And it couldn’t be otherwise, it also offers its own development for Windows PCs.

Experience Apple’s Web Browsing with Safari Browser for Windows PCs
But what are the benefits of using this browser in the version for Microsoft’s operating system? Well, since you probably have an iPhone or an iPad, and this is the browser that works best with Apple services like iCloud and others that you can use on your iOS device.

These are the main features it comes with:

Consume less resources and power, especially useful for laptops. It includes the JavaScript engine and is developed using energy-saving technologies.
Provide native support for sites like Netflix and play videos in HTML5 whenever possible. According to Apple, this means you can play videos longer than in Chrome and Firefox, as well as extend your browsing time: 4 more hours of video playback and 2 more hours of browsing.
Faster than Chrome and Firefox (although they both say the same about their browsers). It all depends on the tools used for the measurements and the parameters being measured. The fact that it gives better performance results in terms of web applications, responsive content, rendering animated content…
Privacy protection: currently, it is very important to protect our information while we browse the web. That is why it incorporates functions to protect our privacy such as being able to use DuckDuckGo as our default search engine, as well as being able to block third-party cookies, boxes sand for websites, private browsing mode and active protection against malicious websites.
Supports online payments with Apple Pay.
Continue your browsing experience on another device (such as iPhone or iPad or other Mac computers)
Built-in tools to improve browsing experience such as the ability to play videos using AirPlay, support for video playback as you browse in the same window, option to mute windows, browse recommendations from pages web like iTunes or Wikipedia, a button to share content on social channels…
Supports extensions to customize your browsing experience.
However, the drawback is that the interface of the Windows version is quite ugly. It looks like a browser that is over 10 years old…so it’s time for Apple to do something about it as they always stand out with their great design.



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