Tor Browser 11.0.14

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Tor Browser 11.0.14 is a web tool that allows us to access the Internet completely anonymously, hiding our IP and many other information about our user profiles

Tor Browser
Tor Browser

Tor has a solution that can solve your privacy problems: browse the web anonymously. If you don’t like leaving traces, you want to connect to networks you can’t access, or you need to avoid proxies or similar protections, Tor Browser is a tool for PC Windows that will encrypt your browsing. you and make it impossible for anyone to follow. your steps.

Everything you need to browse the Internet safely

Although the encryption of data sent and received is not 100% secure, it must be said that the anonymity of the user is guaranteed. This software uses a technology known as “routing” which uses a large structure of specialized servers to hide IP and all user information. Tor has a prepared design to support large-scale attacks that try to find out the identity of any of its users.

As it cites on its own website, many journalists, NGOs and bloggers use the Tor Browser to manage it in order to avoid censorship by the countries in which they work, because even if the data sent can be seen, it will not be able to find out. from where. Furthermore, it is also possible to create a web server that connects via Tor, thus ensuring that its location is completely secure.

This program turns out to be a really easy to use software application that connects automatically to the appropriate server and starts working immediately without the user needing to configure any parameters, but capable of completing all kinds of configurations if necessary and if you already have the necessary knowledge for such actions.

This browser has become extremely popular in the past few years due to the growing psychosis over espionage cases carried out by government organizations, with the NSA taking the top spot. In fact, we can not only download Tor for Windows PCs, but also Mac and Linux versions. Regarding mobile devices, both Android and iOS have browsers based on this same technology although they are not developed under the same project, providing us with guarantees of privacy and anonymity similar.

It is based on the open source version of Mozilla Firefox, but apparently, modifying part of the code makes the official Mozilla browser a product vulnerable to privacy attacks, just like Chrome or Chrome. Opera.



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