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UC Browser for PC is the desktop version of the web browser for Android and iPhone, providing us with excellent performance with low browsing data consumption

UC Browser
UC Browser

Among the offers to offer mobile browsers, we came across all the dubious: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, which have adapted their desktop versions to smartphones smart phones and tablets successfully. However, there are also other alternatives that also provide us with excellent performance on these devices, as is the case with UC Browser, with about 500 million users around the world.

Born in China, and also known as UCWeb, it has attracted a lot of users, making a giant leap from iPhone and iPad or Android smartphone or tablet in APK format to PC’s we.

Main Features of UC Browser for PC

The desktop version of this web browser comes with the following features and functionality:

Browsing is optimized for all resolutions.
Advanced compression technology to reduce data consumption by up to 70-85%.
Support for various search engines.
Options to customize the interface.
Built-in download manager.
Preload technology.
High speed downloads can be paused and resumed.
Browse without invasive ads thanks to its ad blocker.
Includes a smart file manager.
Synchronize open tabs and bookmarks between devices.
Ability to block pop-ups.
Customizable bookmarks, themes, and plugins tailored to all users.
Different modes to view content.
Night browsing mode.
Lower data consumption and higher download speed
One of the advantages of this development over other web browsers like Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge, is that it offers lower data consumption thanks to the various technologies it implements.

On the other hand, UCWeb always tries to provide user data from the nearest servers, making the loading of web pages much faster. On the other hand, since 2006, the company has developed its own technology to compress and display to the maximum extent all traffic on its own servers. Thus, in this case, the browser, i.e. the client, can render all the content at a faster speed and with less effort.

While it doesn’t have an extensive background in Windows, it’s an eye-catching development due to the customizability, stability, and scarce resources it needs to function properly.



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