UR Browser 67.1.3396.17

Category: Internet

UR Browser 67.1.3396.17 is a web browser that provides us with a wide range of features, functions and options to enrich the user’s browsing experience on the Internet.

UR Browser
UR Browser

Chromium’s open source nature has allowed many developers to use its various features to develop browsers inspired by its features.
Browser Customization and Usability as a Main Platform
For a long time, all users wanted the browsing experience to be as customizable as possible. It is the main property of this browser that offers us different possibilities to tailor it to our taste: themes, icons, wallpapers are just some of the elements that can be modified.

Usability is another notable element of this UR Browser. The keyboard shortcuts for its various functions avoid us having to click around unnecessarily and move around the never-ending drop-down menus.

Main features

Among its main features are listed below:

Media library: manage your downloaded files from a single point of control.
Customization: a table to customize various functions.
Mood: create different profiles for different times of the day (work, play, study…).
Home screen: the home screen is customized to access your most common content.
Downloader: download manager.
Games: access to many online games.



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