DirectX 10

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DirectX 10 Free Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 is a set of APIs. It is used for advancing video games launched for Windows Vista.

Simplify and optimize your tasks in relation to videos and video games

The point of this set of APIs is to handle all multimedia-related tasks, especially videos and video games on the Microsoft platform. So, if you are trying to solve all of the tasks like that, you should install DirectX 10 on your computer.

DirectX 10
DirectX 10

For your information, Windows95 is such a great change in the operating systems of Microsoft. It utilizes a graphical interface aiming to make computers more common instead of keeping using the classic MS-DOS command console. API stands for Application Programming Interface. The DirectX name was set as the short term for all APIs and X is used as specific API names. There was when Microsoft decided to advance a game console, then they utilized X as the basis of the Xbox name. From here, people could know that the console of the game was based on DirectX technology.

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All types of APIs featured in DirectX 10

Here are all APIs that developers and coders can use to do their tasks, such as:

  • Direct3D: You use this API to process and code graphics in 3D.
  • Direct Graphics: All images will be drawn in 2D and shown in 3D.
  • DirectInput: It will handle data from mouse, keyboard, controllers, and other outer devices like joysticks, gamepads.
  • DirectPlay: This API aims to help network communications.
  • DirectSound: You use it to playback and record audio.
  • DirectMusic: It is used for the music’s playback.
  • DirectShow: The sound and video will be played with network clarity.
  • DirectSetup: The installation of Direct X components and factors is made simpler.
  • DirectCompute: This is a language as well as instructions library. You use it to control the operation threads made for multi-core processors.

If you are a developer or a coder, you are recommended to try using DirectX 10 for Windows. It makes all of your work much simpler and gives you the best results.



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