DirectX 12

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Download and install DirectX 12 for PC Windows 7/8/10 for free to improve the video game’s performance. Your video game coding tasks are much easier.

One of the best versions to have on Windows 10

DirectX 12
DirectX 12

There have been plenty of editions of DirectX by Microsoft ever since Windows 95. It is a set of APIs serving lots of tasks relating to advancing multimedia content, especially video game coding. Nowadays, people can make use of the APIs of DirectX 12 on their computers. It aims to upgrade the performance of video games as well as fix all the issues that are stopping the game performance.

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DirectX 10

DirectX 11

As you know, Microsoft has launched a wide range of editions. For DirectX 9, DirectX 10, or even DirectX 11, you can install them on previous versions of Windows. However, if you are using the latest edition of the operating system of Microsoft, you don’t need to install the twelfth version. It is because it is already preinstalled. You will love to use DX12 even more once you have known that it functions with graphics cards that DX11          supports.

What does DirectX 12 include?

The latest version comes with a wide range of updates and new features for you to explore:

  • All the issues that stopped you from learning about the failure of GPU in explaining instructions are fixed.
  • It made an improvement to debugging of both commands and information. Hence, you will find it easier to detect a bug and fix it.
  • The new version handles CPU and GPU workloads individually for better performance.
  • 4K resolutions are supported.
  • All improvements are made for laptops.

There is something you should know about the performance improvement. You will not see it on benchmarks. It is because DirectX 11 will probably function better than the recent edition and it counts on the graphics card that was installed on the computer. Make sure you try DirectX 12 on PC to upgrade the performance of video games.


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