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It’s free to audit and check the security of wireless networks with BackTrack Free Download, a cool software for PC Windows 7/8/10! Just download and you can experience the best tools instantly!


Defend yourself by the means of BackTrack PC

BackTrack is a useful soft workable on personal computers. It allows you to protect your Wi-Fi networks against intruders and prevent potential data leaks.

A comprehensive toolbox

It is an essential suite coming up with more than 300 utilities for various goals. It can make the most effective use of your network’s security.

It’s also one of the top aspects seen in the design. You can launch it like a LiveCD because it appears in the ISO format.

It means that you can deploy and operate the creation on any PC, comprising Windows, from a CD, DVD, or USB. Simply manage everything with VirtualBox or any comparable program.

A considerable distribution

You’re capable of grabbing an optimized edition of Linux to dig into the WiFi connections that you are controlling.

Major features

Along with the most important features, you will have the chance to discover the functions of BackTrack below.


You can keep them safe by testing their issues without difficulty.

A rich variety of devices

There is a wide range of tools such as sniffers, keyloggers, and many more.  Most of the gadgets in BackTrack will arrive from the world of computer pirates directly. Meanwhile, others are developed by popular companies within the computer security realm. They may be Netmask, dnsmap, TCtrace …

User manuals

You can look for and collect any kind of guide for the newbie on the author’s web.

Safety and power of WEP & WPA passwords

They are the target that you can look into and find out unusual points.

Web applications

Do not forget to assess their quality!

Test results

It’s straightforward to gain reports relating to them!

BackTrack is a helpful soft about security for PC Windows. It’s known as the GNOME version for 32-bit systems. Due to the app is in ISO, you should burn it on a disc or virtualize it before launching.


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