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Betternet is a free VPN for PC Windows 7/8/10 to download. Start off with one of the best tools for security to safely browse the Internet or defend your private information!

Betternet PC


With the presence of Betternet, you will have the chance to carry out many different activities comfortably.

Possible to overcome every restriction

It’s simple to access and search for or approach any server without worrying about those obstacles!

In fact, you are able to connect to geographically restricted websites that are being blocked in your country.

With the support of the soft, you can browse whichever as a secret character. Connections you complete will be encrypted.

Feasible to protect your privacy

Thanks to the moves that it implements, you can easily reach everything while your individual data is guarded.

Straightforward to finish your target

You don’t have to register anything. Your job will begin with one click. The barrier that your local network builds up can be deleted whenever.

From the moment, it’s pretty smooth to visit Facebook, keep your privacy from harm, stop your confidential info from being stolen, etc. That’s especially efficient if you try out public Wi-Fi networks.

Main advantages

Come to Betternet you will obtain countless special capabilities. Here are some of the major benefits.

Encrypt your connectivity

So, you can stay away from cybercriminals and save your personal secrets.

Multi-platform utility

It is a tool that can work for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and act as a browser extension.

Defeat numerous limits

Generate leaps over restrictions, locked websites, firewall

Avoid being spied

Impossible for the spy to attack your ISP

Furthermore, you can evade the webs that annoy you with adverts

Switch your IP

Therefore, you’ll continue to be anonymous on the Internet.

Betternet is an interesting soft for PC Windows. It’s one of the best apps for security. Pick the new technology and experience possibilities now!


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