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Snapchat Free Download is a messaging application with text messages are pictures, videos quite interesting for PC Windows 7/8/10. Using this application means that the video content, images we send will exist for a short time, then completely disappear. Download the free app to explore today.


About Snapchat free download for PC Windows

This application is released for the purpose of taking pictures, recording videos where you can insert text and send it to the receiver within the control of the sender. Images or videos already in the application are called snaps. In the old version, the app gave users 10 seconds to delete and revoke the snapshots they sent the user before they received them.

Currently, this application is used quite a lot, by certain users. It is popular among teenagers. These are subjects who like to use images and videos to exchange information effectively.

Some features of Snapchat free download for PC Windows

Snapchat for PC Windows features self-canceling notifications in 10 seconds. By taking a photo with the phone camera, select recipients from the contacts, decide how long you want to display the message (up to 10 seconds), and click send. For the recipient, the process is very similar to receiving a text message, just tap to view the snapshot. Any pictures or videos or messages you send are made available to recipients only for a short time before it becomes inaccessible.

One of the most popular features of the app is the Camera which allows users to add special effects and sounds in real-time, change their voice in the video, … Besides, stories are likely to last 24 hours and can be viewed multiple times.

You can also upload photos and save Snaps from their device’s photo album. Snapchat Memories has been created users can display their photos from the app. Users can also search through various keywords related to the photos easily

The app also allows users to send group chats. Groups can be created while sending a Snap or while performing a new Chat. When your friends are in Group Chat, their names are displayed at the bottom of Chat. Users can tap on their friends’ names to start a 1: 1 Chat in group chats. Chats sent to a Group are deleted by default after 24 hours.

Snapchat is really an interesting app that you should not miss for your PC Windows. Free download this app to explore the features now!



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