CodeIgniter is a free software for PC Windows users to download. It opens an ideal environment for all to develop and design web applications as they expect.


CodeIgniter PC

CodeIgniter is one of the most beloved soft that helps customers create whichever in PHP. Just complete the guide of the download and the installation so you can embark on your job easily.

A small PHP framework

It consists of many different tools that are handy for everybody to use and finish their job.

The size of the creation is a great point to allow you to draw the attention of other people. To code in PHP comfortably, you’d better pick the current program as soon as possible.


A .zip compatible compressor

PHP together with a few kinds of MySQL, MySQLi, MS SQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite database.

Key features

CodeIgniter for Windows comes up with a lot of elements that make it popular. They are also known as the main features. Some of the highlights are available as shown below.


The way that your works are developed and launched is amazing.


It’s actually compatible with standard hosting systems.


It’s not difficult for you to configure whatever you want.


They pop up with a large amount. They are effective to support you more in learning what you are going to do.


There are not any restrictive encoding rules found.

CodeIgniter is a noteworthy software for developing and designing webs. It’s presently workable for PC Windows. If you are looking forward to producing the applications, you ought to download the existing item right now. It’s really free and straightforward to utilize everything inside! If you’d like to kick off perfect web apps in PHP, you should grab the equipment and mine every function properly. Have fun!



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