WhatsCall: Free Global Calls and Messaging App

WhatsCall Download For PC is a dream come true for all the users addicted to it on smartphones.

More than 10 years ago, if you wanted to call someone for something, there was the fastest only way was to make a phone call on the smartphone traditionally. It means that you bought a sim, topped up it, then you can be able to call or sent it. It was fast but cost money, especially which anyone who needed to have a long conversation. If your phone was out of money, you were compulsory to top up your phones.

Making domestic phone calls were simple. But if your relatives, friends, or colleagues lived in another country, two sides had to buy an International card to call for each other online. Most people couldn’t afford the expensive international calls outside the countries.

However, with the continuous development of technology, all those problems have become an old story, thanks to some free-calling app. In this article, we will introduce one of them. It is WhatsCall.

the WhatsCall
the WhatsCall

WhatsCall is a famous app on mobile phones. It gives the users chances to make phone calls at any time to anywhere in the world. Calling all people globally is not a problem anymore.

The only disadvantage of this app is that it is not available any version on PC. The author just developed it on the mobile phone platform. This article will provide some necessary information about the best way to download WhatsCall for PC.

The reason why users should use WhatsCall

The WhatsCall can attract many users because it owns the stunning and significant reasons that make the majority of users become its loyal fans. They succeed in it thanks to three causes:

The first reason is it saves money. Instead of purchasing a large amount of money to top up the phones, after downloading this app, you’re saving money by up to 50%.

The second reason is the high quality of voice. Every time making a phone call, you can listen to the other’s voice so soft and clear that you can even hear the breath from the other side. The feeling is so real, and it is like two of you are sitting next to you, not far away thousands of miles, as long as the network is strong and not interrupted.

The final reason is the unlimited phone calls. You can call anyone from any place in this world. They may be a neighbor who lives next to you, a 2-hours flight friend, or even those who live in other hemispheres. It is never a problem to connect people anymore.

It is really a dream come true and partly make this world flatter.

Highlight features of the WhatsCall

The reason why people should use WhatsCall mentioned above is also the highlight features that help this app hold a stable position on users’ hearts.

– This app allows the users to make the phone call or send messages up to 250 countries which means almost the whole world, as long as both two sides have connected to the network.

– Because it allows one to connect international countries, a domestic call is never a matter.

– Unless the connection networks are unable, there is nothing that can stop the voice quality is clear. You can feel like the one you are talking to is right beside you.

– If you are busy or lazy of calling, you can type the text and send; or record your voice as a voice message. If you type, they will receive the messages as a letter. If you send the voice recorder, the other person will hear your voice if they click on the file. This method is popular because the two sides can listen to the sound and even breath of each other. You don’t have to wait for the other to be free to call or disturbing each other. This can connect to most of the places in the world, so the difference of GMT is not the matter anymore, which usually hard to call for each other daily.

– They are not only the typing message and voice files with phone calls but also designed to send the images to the others

– The charge is super low, which saves a lot of your money. You can contact your friends and family no matter what time it is, what countries you and the others are living in, or how many messages you have sent and will send.

How to download the WhatsCall for PC

– You are required to download the Bluestacks.

– Install the Bluestacks, then click on the icon of the app to make it open.

– In the app you have just finished downloading, sign in to your Gmail ID on Google Play Store.

– After finishing the setup process of the Emulator app, open it when it appears on your screen.

– Type the name ‘WhatsCall’ on the search bar of CH Play.

– Click to the ‘Install’ button. Once you see the icon on the screens, it means that process has done.

Final Words

Someone said that: ‘There ain’t so such thing as a free lunch’. But it is not true with this app, which provides the free call to connect the other world. Of course, you can browse the other similar app and prepare the interfaces and functions. Nevertheless, if you use this app, you will not want to search for others anymore.

Now you understand the reason why WhatsCall has been downloaded millions of times. Don’t hesitate but download WhatsCall for PC Windows now.


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