Agent Ransack 8.0.867.1

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Agent Ransack 8.0.867.1 is a search engine that can find many files at high speed. Find any files on your hard drive after you download Agent Ransack for free

Agent Ransack
Agent Ransack

Maybe after moving the file or simply over time you misplaced the file because you can’t remember where you stored it or because you can’t remember its name. That’s when you use a tool like Agent Ransack.

Edit any text or file

This program quickly searches your hard drive for any filename containing the desired text.

To perform a search, Agent Ransack allows you to select the folders to be analyzed, a choice of minimum and maximum file sizes, and even the data it is created or modified on.

As well as searching for files, Agent Ransack gives you the ability to search for text excerpts in hard drive files and display sentences that can be found directly in the program’s interface, with support for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files.

Something that can save you a lot of time, as you won’t need to open files with different programs to find a particular word or sentence.



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