AllDup 4.2.0

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AllDup 4.2.0 is a practical tool that allows to locate all the duplicate files of the system. Download AllDup for free and remove all duplicate files from your computer


AllDup makes a rather tedious task quick and simple: it searches for duplicate files that are taking up precious space on your computer’s hard drive. This free tool works thanks to a fast duplicate file search algorithm that can work with all types of files, no matter if they are text files, videos, images or music. Moreover, it is highly accurate due to the fact that it can combine various search criteria, like the size of the file, the date modified or the file content.

Main features

Allows searching for files in multiple folders, tools, optical discs or network storage units.
Includes search filters to exclude specific file types.
Lists the duplicate files it finds sorted by folders.
Provides the ability to permanently delete or move unnecessary duplicate files.
Ignore IP3 tags of MP3 files.
Allows storing and restoring the results of a search.
All duplicate files are clear and visible
When you launch AllDup, a start screen will appear, where you need to configure the search options: the hard drive or the folder where the search is to be performed, the search criteria, the options and the filters that you want to use. you want to set. Once you have everything configured, AllDup will start searching.

The app will show you all the files it finds organized into folders. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to see more or less data about each file, and you’ll even be able to see previews of the files to check if the content is the same.

Finally, AllDup allows the ability to remove all duplicate files that you did not request.

Don’t think about it anymore and download AllDup for free. You will be able to delete unnecessary files on your computer.



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