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Bliss Free Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 is an Android-based OS that brings you a mobile-device experience right on your computer.

One of the best Android emulators for you to use for running mobile apps

It seems that Android is the most famous operating system chosen by lots of mobile device users. Therefore, a bunch of applications as well as tools in relation to this operating system has been released. Among them, Bliss OS probably catches the attention of many users, especially those who want to bring Android experience to PCs. In other words, it is quite easy for you to change your technology experience from a smartphone to a computer or a laptop.

You are checking out an operating system based on Android that is able to run on Windows PC, Macs, etc. You run it on your PC with a virtual machine. Or, you can easily bring around its ISO image using a USB stick. When it comes to Android emulators on PC, people usually think about BlueStacks or other popular emulators or those that virtualize an ISO image from a disc. Bliss is the latter one and a typical solution for everyone.

Features included in Bliss

This emulator gives you several features to use, including:

  • You have lots of options to customize and theme across the OS.
  • The settings of the emulator are customizable.
  • The OS comes with a fast speed and stability to bring a better performance.
  • It helps you save battery and keeps all applications safe.
  • You can run this OS on any device you want.

Make sure you prepare a USB drive for installing the image or using a virtualization program like VirtualBox. Bliss on Windows is still in the development stage. So, it can be a little bit unstable sometimes. You can still download it for free and use it to launch Android stuff on your computer.


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