Csv File Search 3.0.6

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If you often work with loads of CSV files, full of almost never-ending tables of data, the Csv File Search can be very useful to find elements within them.

Csv File Search
Csv File Search

Finding content in data tables has never been so easy until the advent of Csv File Search. With this practical tool, although not eye-catching, you can search for any element in a multitude of different CSV files at once..

Visual search engine for CSV

You only have to specify a route and one or several search criteria, and after pressing Enter, the program will search among all the CSVs in that directory and its subdirectories, for the word or phrase word that you specify, displays the results in a tabular format. Furthermore, right from Csv File Search, you will be able to open each file with Excel or any other program you have configured for such a purpose.

The best thing is that each CSV file can be completely different, each with a different length and different number of columns, and using different delimiters, whether comma, semicolon, or tab.



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