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DroidCam Free Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 can change your mobile devices into a webcam. You can use it for various observations.

Observe everything through a simple webcam


With the advancement of technology, the lives of people seem to become much easier. To be more specific about it, a webcam is mentioned here. Have you ever thought that a smartphone or tablet could become a webcam? Now, that thing has become true. With the assistance of DroidCam that is free to download, you can change your mobile device into a webcam then you use it to observe or make video calls.

This program combines your PC and smartphone or tablet together. After that, you utilize the camera of the mobile device as a webcam. This webcam can also be applied to various applications like Skype. Or, you can use it in any apps that allow you to make video calls. To use the app, you have to do several steps first:

  • You must connect it through WiFi or USB cable.
  • If you connect them through WiFi, you must type the IP of the device in the game and the port number of the app.
  • Then, you must form the connection as well as select whether to capture the audio or not.

You can make use of the app as a way to make video calls. Not only that, but it also allows you to observe everything by acting as a surveillance camera.

DroidCam has several simple yet handy features

You will realize how convenient the app is once you have known some features included in it:

  • It can be used with various applications that allow video calls.
  • There are no usage limits or watermarks when you use it.
  • You can connect through WiFi or USB.
  • You can utilize other non-camera apps with this app in the background easily.
  • Even though the screen is off, the app is still working, which saves the device‚Äôs battery a lot.

You can download DroidCam for free to PC Windows then turn it into a useful app for video calls and surveillance. With it, your observations become much easier.



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