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Fake Webcam is a webcam application free to download for PC Windows 7/8/10. It lets you implement various broadcasts in an easy manner.

A handy tool that allows you to broadcast

Fake Webcam
Fake Webcam

In the context of advanced technology and broadband Internet connections, people can communicate online with each other easily. This is all thanks to applications with modern technology integrated. The Fake Webcam app mentioned above is one of the best apps to try and experience. It is the app that makes your video conferences more interesting as well as effective.

Webcam is a tool that lets people talk, communicate and see each other through their cameras. For the app above, it is known as a nice tool for broadcasting fun stuff. It also allows you to share videos you have kept on your hard drive with a contact you like. Besides, since it is just a fake webcam, you can make use of it to play a trick on a certain friend you know. The app functions as just a virtual camera. It allows you to include some effects as well as overlays in some images you will export. It also helps you connect to a real webcam, play some videos, and even show static pictures. The video and image formats that it supports are diverse. It allows you to choose a certain area on your desktop as well.

Handy features available in Fake Webcam

Here are several handy features you will use and experience when using this webcam app:

  • The interface is quite amazing and intuitive, giving the best experience to players possible.
  • You can utilize the app from the start in an easy way.
  • There are many effects that you can apply such as brightness, blur, colorize, as well as emboss.
  • It lets you add various overlays, including images, frames, faces, etc.
  • Its purpose is to make your video chatting experience much funnier. To that end, you can use some videos that are previously recorded.
  • You can use it with other apps such as Gtalk, Skype, and Yahoo Instant Messenger.

Fake Webcam on PC Windows is quite light and easy to download. However, you can try the trial version before you can go for the full version.



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