FreeDOS 1.3

Category: Tools

FreeDOS 1.3 is a free, DOS-compatible operating system for IBM-PC compatible systems. Free download this application for PC Windows to support FAT32 formatted drives and even large disks like LBA.


Download this application if you need to handle work on older operating systems, play video games, or run old software.

Alternatively, you can also use PC emulators like VirtualBox to install this application if you want to try out the DOS system. Or even get acquainted with the features of this operating system.

In addition, the application is equipped with many supporting programs and utilities such as boot managers, boot logos, development tools. Even the editor, OpenGEM graphical user interface, web browsers, network access, email clients….

This application and its kernel are also exploited in Dell and HP personal computers. You can use it as the main operating system. This as well as several other utilities for motherboards from ASUS, Seagate, Intel, Avira, or SpinRite.


  • The operating system is compatible with DOS.
  • Supports FAT32 formatted drives.
  • Integrate many programs and utilities for you to freely experience.

Download FreeDOS for PC Windows for free and experience it today. This application will definitely make you happy to use.



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