GhostBuster 111833

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GhostBuster 111833 is a program that allows to viewing of all devices connected to the computer and detecting the presence of ‘ghost’ devices. Download GhostBuster for free


Ghost devices, also known as hidden devices, are devices that were connected to the computer at some point in time that are no longer available.

Device Manager maintains a copy of these devices and checks to see if they were reconnected once the system was open, slowing down the system. The best way to find these devices is to use GhostBuster.

Remove ghost devices

The main motivation behind the development of GhostBuster is to be able to detect and remove ghost devices, in such a way that the system will no longer check them every time, especially in cases where they have been replaced. by other similar devices.

To perform the process, the user will only have to select the devices that he wants to remove and the program will automatically detect devices belonging to the same family, and it will compare them before removing them.

Furthermore, devices can be filtered with all kinds of markers so that when a device is removed, it will only compare with other devices marked with the same filter.

Download GhostBuster for free to be able to remove devices that slow down the computer’s startup process.



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