HDDScan 4.0

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Download free HDDScan 4.0 to analyze disks and avoid errors. Take read, write, and access tests. HDDScan performs low-level diagnostics for your drives


HDDScan is a free analysis tool to diagnose problems and errors in data storage units such as hard drives, RAID drives, SSD drives or even removable storage devices such as USB flash drives.

Perform all kinds of write, read, and access tests on your drive to detect faulty blocks or sectors, or display your SMART data, such as temperature or factory settings.

Main features

Compatible with IDE (ATA), SATA HD, SCSI (SAS) hard drives, USB external drives, FireWire or IEEE 1394 hard drives, RAID, SATA/ATA SSDs, and more.
Perform verification, read and erase tests in linear mode and read in “Butterfly” mode.
Includes SMART functions for disk analysis and reading. It can act as a temperature monitoring system.

Other advantages of HDDScan

You can also use HDDScan to view the specifications of each drive and modify the AAM, APM, and PM parameters. All information can be stored as printed reports or in MHT format.

Download HDDScan for free and get some great help studying the health of your hard drive, predicting any deterioration and avoiding loss of the data it contains.



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