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JetClean allows users to optimize their computer system quickly and easily. Download now the application for PC Windows completely free and enjoy its useful features.

The application allows users to delete old or unused entries and delete registry values. That includes file extension, the path does not exist, Windows font, help file, icon; defragment the Registry….

It scans and displays all the programs installed on the computer by category, removing unnecessary programs on the system. It even identifies all startup programs running on Windows to free up memory.

You are also allowed to view system information (e.g. video converter and memory, screen resolution, central processing unit). The application removes installed programs from your computer.

And even it uses the search function to manage applications that automatically run at system startup.  Thereby contributing to increasing the speed of Internet connection, speed, and performance of the computer.


  • Scan and clean all junk files on the system
  • Clear Internet Access History
  • Free up computer memory
  • Speed ​​up network access and computer performance

JetClean allows you to download PC Windows for free to experience its features more comfortably.