PC Booster 6.0

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Speed ​​up and optimize your PC performance with PC Booster 6.0. Delete cookies, unnecessary files and obsolete entries after you download.

PC Booster

Due to actual usage, especially when browsing the Internet, installing and uninstalling applications and downloading files, the performance of our PC may be affected and may stop working as it originally did, This can be remedied with the right tools.

This is an application developed to perform various maintenance procedures that can improve the performance of our computer and therefore we recommend you to install it.

Main features

Delete obsolete files.
Clean the Windows Registry file.
Remove browser cookies.
Analyze system stability.
Web browsing optimization.
Prevent system blocks by better memory management.
The configuration panel will allow you to configure the system’s graphical properties.
Boost your PC’s overall speed and performance with PC Booster, a practical and effective tool that’s really easy to use.


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