PC Repair System

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PC Repair System is a package of system optimization tools that you can always carry on your USB memory stick. Download Window Repair System and improve your PC

PC Repair System
PC Repair System

PC Repair System is a great collection of portable freeware applications ideal to take anywhere on any USB drive, focusing on the maintenance and optimization of any PC in use. use Windows operating system. You will be able to find developments to defragment the hard drive, manage processes or remove errors from the system registry.

Always carry a practical package of maintenance and optimization tools with you
Among the applications included in this package, it is worth highlighting a few, such as CCleaner (a popular program for cleaning and maintaining the registry), ProcessExplorer (a program that can stop any application or process). program in a few clicks), ProduKey (a development designed to recover the password of your operating system) or HDDScan (a tool with which you can detect any problems on your hard drive). hard in seconds).

You can access any application by exploring your drive or by a menu that will appear in the system tray, including a complete list of all the developments you can launch.



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