Presto 1.0.2

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Presto 1.0.2 allows you to use Xandrox Linux on your Windows PC. Just run the install to be able to have both operating systems at the same time on the same computer


If you are a Windows 10 user but you often have to use a Linux distro for whatever reason, you can use Xandros Presto. It is a version of this operating system that is really easy to install and allows us to use it whenever we need it just by restarting our PC.

Quick and easy: just install and use

To install this instant Linux distro, you just have to download and install the program and let it take care of the rest. It does not even need to be configured and here we will find various tools such as Firefox, OpenOffice, Adobe Reader, Skype, Pidgin, file explorers with access to the Windows disk… It also comes with a user-friendly environment for all those who have ever used Microsoft’s operating system because the graphical interface is very similar.

But as we said before, the biggest advantage is the easy installation: no configuration required, just run the installer and you’re done. We must also mention that it comes with its own tool, the Xandros Control Center, from which we can set up a pre-installed boot of Windows or Xandros Linux.

However, what is the downside? Well, the program doesn’t exist as such anymore… in other words, there won’t be any new versions of this software in 2018 or any other year in the future. Therefore, if you want to use Linux and Windows on the same PC, you will come up with this solution or find another solution that may force you to create partitions on your hard drive and go through more complicated installation processes much.



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