Task Blocker 1.5

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Task Blocker 1.5 allows you to block any process that is started on your computer. With Task Blocker, you can pause and resume their activities whenever you want

Windows Task Manager shows us the processes running on your computer and allows us to kill them. But what if we just want to pause them? For this purpose we created Task Blocker, this is the simple tool we need.

Avoid all kinds of conflicts between tasks started on the operating system
Task Blocker is a tool that allows us to block all processes that are started on the computer. Therefore, if we want to launch an application that collides with some running applications, we can use this and block any application we need. Then, whenever we deem appropriate, we can unblock them and resume their normal operation.


Block any processes running on the operating system.
Locate locations or automatically from lists and processes manually by name.
Create lists of fixed and block tasks depending on your needs.
Downloading Task Blocker is the best thing you can do in situations where you need to devote more resources to the application without requiring too much modification of the computer’s operation.


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