CamStudio 2.7

Category: Video

CamStudio 2.7 is the ideal program for creating video tutorials thanks to its ability to register activity on your screen. Download CamStudio for free


Now that an Internet connection makes it possible to share or easily broadcast videos using streaming technology, thanks to sites like YouTube, video tutorials are starting to take on special importance. CamStudio is the perfect software for this job and in short, records on video any area of ​​our screen.

Record screen videos on your computer

CamStudio’s simplicity does not mean that it is not powerful, because it has the ability to record the area of ​​the screen that we select, or the entire screen, and save it in AVI or SWF format. To define the area to shoot, it includes a utility that will launch just before starting to save the video. We will have to tell in advance the size and resolution of the resulting file.

Thanks to programs like these, it’s easy to record whatever action takes place on our screen and that happens in the area we’ve delineated, so that we can share it later. or store it for future use.

CamStudio’s interface has been developed to make any action as easy as possible and ensure that the screenshot is perfect.



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