Corel VideoStudio

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Corel VideoStudio is a cool editor for PC Windows 7/8/10, in which, you can create any videos that you want. Download and explore its notable functions now!

Corel VideoStudio for PC

Corel VideoStudio is a friendly, complete, and useful tool that pops up with a series of utilities available. It’s also one of the best programs due to its endless evolution.

Corel VideoStudio
Corel VideoStudio

It integrates many different fantastic features and contains every element that is essential to import a video. Additionally, it’s helpful to mount the product before burning it on a DVD.

It’s still outstanding while there are plenty of beloved applications out there to finish your job on a personal computer.


Asks you to fill in a free registry if you access it for the first time

Furthermore, you can experience its trial version for 30 days.

A Corel’s video editor with numerous benefits

Corel VideoStudio for PC Windows hides a rich variety of possibilities.

Hardware acceleration

One exciting advantage of the existing gadget is the worth having hardware acceleration that it controls.

The GPU and the CPU can run together to provide a nice performance.


The Launcher will manage whichever fulfilled with the current soft. It is a remarkable utility. That distributes shortcuts to every task regardless of video editing or importing the recordings or burning them.

Inserting transitions into videos

It’s a worthy capability that provides compatibility with VCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, DV type 1 and 2 and AVI, etc.

Besides, you’re able to utilize other abilities, for example, preparing clips before sending them by email or uploading those to YouTube.

Corel VideoStudio is a video editor for PC Windows that you should dig deeper into as soon as you can. Not only that, it’s easy to share what you have learned with your buddies. Are you willing to master all powers?


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