Davinci Resolve

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Davinci Resolve is one of the top video editors for PC Windows that you should skip. It’s completely available for you to download and edit whichever you like!

Davinci Resolve PC

Davinci Resolve is a beloved “color grading movie-postproduction” program for Windows. It is a good choice for most professionals in the audiovisual area.

Davinci Resolve
Davinci Resolve

About color grading

It’s known as a color correction process that is effective in audiovisual productions. It’s helpful for you to create artistic effects.

It has a relationship with our selection. Meanwhile, Davinci Resolve is considered a useful tool to support movie & color experts in their post-production jobs.

Key features

Davinci Resolve for PC Windows is a software that comprises a lot of outstanding elements.


It is the first item that you can witness when the soft performs. Not only that, it’s possible to apply any creative power without any problem. It’s actually worthy to be called a reference in the Hollywood industry.

Functional in numerous aspects

People can use the creation in full-length films, short videos, adverts, TV series, documentaries, and more.

Sharing your missions

Have a collaborative workflow sharing a timeline for editing.


It’s simple to store a rich variety of color settings. They are workable for the camera’s raw files.

Color grading functions for photographers

Adjustments for the image and using the chromatic tables will auto-grant the graphic materials and bring back a stronger balance.

Moreover, editors and color masters can carry out their missions at once from different PCs.

Remote color correction

Correcting that object from a distance will not fall into any trouble by means of a network connection.

Davinci Resolve is a handy soft for PC Windows. It even consists of features that are more exciting than the ones mentioned above. To mine all of them, please remember that you should have a 64-bit operating system at least!


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