Debut Video Capture 6.30

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Debut Video Capture 6.30 is a powerful tool that allows you to capture video from your webcam. Download Debut Video Capture for free and record your screen

Debut Video Capture
Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is an application that allows you to record video on your computer from a webcam or another connected device, such as a camera or VHS player. This can be used to recover old records on VHS that you have forgotten. Moreover, it also performs capture, still image or video, of your computer screen.

A very powerful tool that will allow you to take the shots you consider convenient

Just connect the webcam to your computer, Debut Video Capture will detect it and show you the camera signal. You will be able to record that signal in different formats, like AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, MP4, or those created by devices like iPod or PSP. Furthermore, you will be able to modify the color of the signal and even the input text.

Debut Video Capture also allows you to create recordings of the desktop or capture fixed images. Another option you have is to insert a watermark into the image, such as including copyright in the video. You can program Debut Video Capture so that it starts recording on a specific day at a specific time, or you can send the captured videos somewhere else via email.



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