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It’s free to download FakeApp, a program for PC Windows to generate masks and switch between faces on videos. Let’s check out other details now!



FakeApp is one of the software that is convenient for you to edit videos. It owns an artificial intelligence developed by a talented Reddit user. Therefore, you will be able to choose the face you want to perform in those items.

FakeApp is available for Windows. It contains features that the most popular mobile face swap applications often have.

From the present moment, you can interact with those elements on a larger screen.

How FakeApp works

The way you utilize is as interesting as to how FakeApp runs on PC Windows. Here is the method that it’s working.

Newer and well-known AI tech

A Reddit member called deepfakes has determined to develop a soft named FakeApp. That application should allow everybody by means of AI training techniques to incorporate facial photos into videos.

The process occurs depending on an algorithm. With which, you’re capable of creating multiple masks and take the place of the real images on original recordings. Especially, the result looks very realistic and vivid.

Meanwhile, the creator says that he is still trying to upgrade the outcome and turn the soft into a handier tool.

Offers various options

It has become beloved because you have numerous settings to cause your clips to be more enchanting.

The author has published a series of choices from famous stars such as Daisy, Nicolas Cage, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, etc.

Adds outstanding scenes

They are from Game of Throne, Superman, and so on.

Efficient for movie makers

Somebody has proven that the soft is fitting to supplement images of young Leia to the Star Wars.

Launch FakeApp for PC Windows if you are looking for a solution to apply celebrated faces to your characters. It’s completely free to download such a fantastic editor!


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