Free Screen Video Recorder

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Free Screen Video Recorder Free Download is helpful for windows 7/8/10 PC users to show their work or share tutorials. It’s free and simple to download or complete various jobs!

Free Screen Video Recorder
Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder for PC

It is one of the best video recorders that can run on Windows. Aside from showing or sharing, you are able to carry out other missions such as creating or capturing.

It’s very light!

Nevertheless, it will encode in the formats that you often see. Additionally, it chooses all of the codecs available on the PC.

As a default, it will grab video as AVI. However, you can reach Microsoft codecs among valid options, along with DivX, Xvid, etc.

What you can use with the existing tool?

Free Screen Video Recorder comprises plenty of features that are effective for PC to fulfill numerous challenges.


It’s useful for those who are interested in producing videos containing tips.


In fact, it’s also great for recording something on the desktop.

Indeed, you have successfully approached a cool application for Windows to finish those aims.

Take screenshots

In fact, it will allow you to obtain images and even record whichever in front of your eyes. Especially, they should occur in the most common video formats.

It actually owns a few pieces of equipment to capture the full screen, a part of it, or the working window.


You’re playing a fascinating gadget to generate video tutorials.


Alongside the benefits above, you can store whatever in an appropriate format and they will come up with the recording icon in the system tray.

For saving screenshots, it operates as other software with a similar target. That relates to allowing customers to take an image of the screen and keep it as BMP, JPG, or PNG.

Free Screen Video Recorder is a perfect soft that you can download free for your own PC whenever. Furthermore, it’s easy to share or develop your projects faster than you want. It is released together with plenty of advantageous functions. Let’s select and launch its capabilities to display, teach, create, record, save, take photos, and more now!


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