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With GoPro Studio, you get high-quality results for your videos. GoPro Studio’s sample system lets you achieve truly impressive results

GoPro Studio
GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio is the editing software you need to give your videos a professional look. Thanks to this program you can turn them into professional videos thanks to a wide range of tools and templates provided by the application, allowing you to apply visual and sound effects, turning your computer into a an easy to use digital post. – production center.


Create videos based on time-lapse series.
Compatible with GoPro Nikon, Canon cameras as well as MP4 and H.264 formats.
GoPro Editing templates that simplify the video creation process goes on.
Function to cut, edit and mix video clips.
Add titles, music and audio tracks.
Fisheye effect.
Adjust playback speed.
Export video with fixed image at maximum resolution.
Create videos with templates
GoPro Studio templates let you create videos based on presets. You just have to go through the available templates and choose the type of video you want to create, then drag your clips into the editing area and replace the templates. Your video will be ready and in a better, more professional format.

Download GoPro Studio and deliver your home videos in high quality.



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