Kdenlive 19.12.1

Category: Video

Kdenlive 19.12.1 is an open source non-linear video editor for Windows computers that provides users with some basic timelines, effects, and transitions.


Kdenlive is an open source project launched in 2003 for Linux and being developed since then, now coming to Windows. It’s a video editing and mounting software tailored to suit all levels from the most basic to professional usage.

Main features

If you decide to download and try this software, you will be able to access loads of free tools and options that will be very helpful when working with videos:

Allows us to use several audio and video channels at the same time and arrange them the way we need.
Includes several tools for creating 2D titles: alignment, fonts, colors, shadows, rotate and zoom, templates…
Many effects and transitions are available: color correction, transform, image filters…
Many audio and video analysis tools: Audio Meter, Waveform, Vectorscope…
Automatically create low-resolution backups of source clips so they can be edited on other computers.
Allows us to schedule automatic backups every five minutes to make sure we don’t lose any of our work.
There are several preset themes for the interface, tailored to the different needs of the user.
In addition to the default options, we can also load other resources such as rendering, effects or transition settings.



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