Privacy Policy

The ‘Privacy Policy’ has been created to show the meanings of the visitors. The website will list the details of how we pick up the information of the visitors and the way we use it.

Log Files

Like other existing websites in the world, our website also use the log files. Those files are used for primary analytics of hosting authorities and hosting providers service. The reports include the browser name, version, IP address, date and time, Internet Service Provider, which website refer the visitors to this, browsing session, browsing time, total numbers of clicks. That pick-up information will be used to analyze the trends, the method of intercourse on our website soft4wd.comAfter gathering those, we can have full data about demographic report

Web Beacons and Cookies use cookies to understand the hobbies of the visitors and offer some suggestion that may match with their needs. Besides, we also use that to personalize the website core based on the types of the web that the visitors have searched for.

Vendor Information

We do not have associated with any third party. However, we still try our best to approve the Google Ad.

Our Advertising Partners

Our Advertising partners are the Google Ad.

Children’ Safety

We need the parents to associate with us in monitoring what the kids are searching for every day if you do not want to see any harmful effects on them, the bright future of this planet.


Those who access this website agree with GDPR because this website agrees with it.


Accessing the website means you agree with the privacy policy and the term.


18th Jun 2020