Build Powerful Custom Apps: Unleash the Potential of FileMaker

FileMaker is a great program for PC Windows 7/8/10 users to manage databases, especially good for companies. It’s time you download the software and finish your mission!


About FileMaker

FileMaker is regarded as cool database management soft. It’s workable on Windows at the moment. It offers an effective possibility along with various notable features that you should not ignore.

Brings back an interesting tool

With which, you are capable of controlling the structured set of data in a computer easily. It’s doable at many levels, business, home, and education.

Simple to run a large amount of information

It’s possible to direct your info in a comfortable and effective way.

A clear and intuitive interface

It contributes to managing as well.

Key features

They are the highlights that you will see after the installation. It’s always ready to work for Windows PC.

Straightforward to create

For the customized databases. What you have to implement is to drag and drop the data from Microsoft Excel to the app.

Besides, you can interact with reports by using assistants. They will allow you to organize and automate the quest.

Feasible to export

For the reports to Excel or PDF before sending them by email

Safe to publish

You are able to prepare the database for public distribution on a website.

Rapid to access

With the support of the Inspector, you can enter a selection of tools that make designing the database faster.


They are arranged effortlessly by folders.

FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server: Downloading the Right Tools for Your Needs

Downloading FileMaker Pro:

While there’s no traditional “free download” for FileMaker Pro, Claris offers a free 14-day trial. This allows you to explore the software’s capabilities and build a basic app to test its suitability for your needs. After the trial, you can purchase a subscription license for continued use.

Downloading FileMaker Server:

Similarly, Claris offers a free 14-day trial for FileMaker Server. This trial allows you to experience the benefits of hosting and managing your apps on a central server. After the trial, you can purchase a subscription license for continued use.

Choosing the Right Option:

  • If you need to build and manage a custom app for individual or small team use, download the trial.
  • If you want to host and share your FileMaker Pro apps with multiple users securely, download the trial.

Additional Resources:

Are you willing to trace another route for your data? Pick up FileMaker and practice it smartly! It’s an excellent soft for PC Windows that you can start off with a series of special abilities. The trial version will last for 45 days. That’s enough for you to mine the most crucial points. Have fun!


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