Dev-C++ is a good and free download development environment software for PC Windows 7/8/10 users. It owns a series of functions that are really ideal for programming in C++.


Dev-C++ is out for PC Windows!

Dev-C++ is the top integrated development environment (IDE) with which you can program in C and even C++ for free. It is a product that was first released in 1998.

Our selection can work in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC-formed compiler.

Current status

It’s easy to interact with the three forks of Dev-C++! They consist of wxDev-C++, the Orwell version, with the Embarcadero-maintained fork version.

Major features

Dev-C++ is a great edition that is amazingly workable on Windows due to the following keys.


It’s possible to opt for different themes for the interface and generate a new look, etc.

Straightforward to program

Within the integrated environment, you can write, compile, and roll out your plans in C++ with no further complications.

Functional code editor

It runs with syntax coloring, search options, replacements, and so on.


From the keyboard, you are capable of seeing and using them easier to reach the area you expect.


It’s simple for you to add, edit, or delete any equipment.


It’s Minimalist GNU for PC, an implementation of the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) compilers for Windows systems.

Configuration settings

They appear with a vast amount to customize the compiler, the world of the editor.

Markers and Breakpoints

It’s feasible for you to insert these items.

Dev-C++ is one of the best soft including a place where you can develop and launch effective programs. It can become a fantastic alternative to other IDEs, for example, Visual Studio. It’s now obtainable for PC Windows and Linux. Are you willing to take part in testing its entire full-featured content?



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