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AppCleaner is a computer optimization and maintenance application that brings together a number of essential tools. Download AppCleaner for free on your windows


AppCleaner has the ability to remove obsolete data and files that can hinder your computer’s performance, which will protect your privacy and improve your security, making your PC run more smoothly.

This tool is capable of working on many fronts, such as the web browser you use, the Windows registry, third-party development, the management of installed programs and system startup, as well as clear free space on your hard drive.


Remove obsolete files and data from the operating system and clean the registry removing invalid entries.
Delete all information stored in the web browser you use: download and browsing history, cookies, Internet logs, forms… Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
Manage all installed software. Uninstall programs and manage Windows startup to improve its loading speed.
Third-party cleaning software: cleaning definitions are constantly updated for best results.
Optimize the free space on your hard drive to clean it using the various methods included.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing
AppCleaner can perform the majority of your computer’s major maintenance tasks. It has the ability to automatically detect the processor, graphics card and operating system you use, displaying information from the program’s window. It looks very simple, distributed into three tabs, including one that provides access to configuration options. This makes it easier for users to interact with the program, avoiding complicated options, and just taking a few simple steps.

You will be able to enjoy all the features completely for free. AppCleaner meets the requirements that users demand from maintenance and optimization tools, and it saves you from having to download several programs to get the job done.