Android SDK

Android SDK is a free development software for PC Windows 7/8/10. Let’s download the new pack and embark on building libraries of applications as your preference!

Android SDK
Android SDK

Android SDK PC

Android SDK is an operating system by Google for mobile smartphones and tablets. It’s available for Windows. It’s ready for you to create apps for that system!

A great development set for the OS

The edition has become popular and attracted millions of users from around the world.

A lightweight OS

It provides countless applications to its customers. It’s formed on Linux and can be a competitor against the maelstrom of Apple and its iOS devices.

Major features

Android SDK includes plenty of main features appropriate for PC Windows.

The Android software development kit (SDK)

Contains a comprehensive series of development tools. We have a debugger, a handset emulator based on QEM, documentation, libraries, sample code, with tutorials.


For various platforms for computers operating Linux, Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later, with Windows 7 or up.

The Android SDK Platform Tools

It is a separately downloadable subset of the full SDK. There are numerous command-line tools, for instance, fast boot, ADB.


It can work with GSM or 3G phone apps without difficulty.

Dalvik virtual machine

It’s easy to try out your products on that engine whenever.


It’s compatible with developing gear that utilizes Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi. It can natively run with YouTube, Gmail, or Picasa

Regular updates

They improve your experience with tweaks for dependencies, a bug with emulator bar, or the readjustments.

Android SDK is a good PC Windows software for development. Remember to set out an individual appropriate Android platform supported by SDK Manager! Additionally, please install Java or convert the name java.exe for JAVA_HOME.exe if necessary! Start to master equipment and release applications for the Android OS by Google right now!



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