How to report a Facebook profile using computer: Know steps

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Here is the direction of How to report a Facebook profile using a computer: Know steps.


Facebook is a common social network all over the world. By creating an account, people could post photos, media, and share posts with other Facebook users. Sometimes, a Facebook user could view something which they dislike on the Facebook newsfeed and report the profile if they need it. For the time being, if you are a Facebook user and need to report a Facebook profile using a computer, there are easy steps you need to use.

Follow these steps to report a Facebook profile

  • First of all, you must come to the profile you need to report
  • In the bottom right of the cover photo in this profile, you have to click the three-dot icon and choose to Find Support or Report Profile
  • To give feedback, you need to click the option that describes properly how this profile turns back Facebook’s Community Standards. Click Send
  • Based on your feedback, next, you could be capable of sending a report to Facebook. For some kinds of content, Facebook does not require you to send a report, but Facebook utilizes your feedback to support their systems learn.

Follow these steps can support you to report a Facebook profile on the computer. Please bear in your mind, if someone’s annoying you on Facebook, and then you could unfriend or block them.

Once something has been reported on Facebook, this platform will review and eliminate anything that goes against their Community Standards. Your private will be quite confidential if Facebook has solved to person-related.

These are known steps to report a Facebook profile using the computer. Thus, if there are any issues while using Facebook, follow these steps that can remove your problem. Hopefully, this will give some useful information for Facebook users, who have received a ton of news every day through the biggest social network in the world.