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It seems like logging in Facebook 186.2619.19263.0 Free Download For PC does not ask to open a browser such as Chrome or Firefox. You could use the app from your own desktop.

Being launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, now, is the biggest social network in the world. Once being introduced, it was formed for the Harvard University students. However, it has spread all over the world with more than 1.7 billion users (this will increase in the future); this number is even bigger than the country with the biggest population in the world, China.

A famous app that contains everything

Why this network becomes more and more popular? Perhaps, this comes from an excellent way of keeping contact with friends that we have never experienced, or it is the most effective method to catch up with the trending news all over the world; another reason comes from the fact that it is an entertaining tool with various contents and video. Also, Facebook supplies the world of diverse games with multiple gameplay that suits with different kinds of people. Obviously, Facebook also takes “something’ from us. It is a tool that snoops on anyone else that they never know.


Even though we regularly link with the social network advanced at Menlo Park from Android application, this comes from the capacity to be available anytime and the immediacy to post photos and live videos or tag your friends when you post something on your wall, dozens of people still access from their Windows PC. Even though they still access the website version by browser, you should know there’s an original desktop client from Microsoft operating system that quite simpler to use.

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How To Install Facebook on your PC?

Note:  remember that you have already installed Bluestacks for your PC

  • Open Bluestacks
  • Search for Facebook on the search bar
  • Select “Install” and wait until it is successfully downloaded
  • After that, open the Facebook app has already downloaded  and logged in as usual

After install, if you feel that your version is just their former version, access the store and the Download tab, search for the Update button. You will see if you want to update a new version. Or if there are some issues with a fake account, you could report it to improve the quality while using Facebook.

What we can do when we create an account on Facebook?

Key function and features of Facebook on Windows PC

  • Post status, photos, and videos create live videos, tag friends, and react to friends’ posts.
  • Discover the newest trend on your profile: leave a comment on posts by your account with photos and updates
  • Receive and access the whole of your notification about contacts and posts in which you  have been mentioned
  • Insert new contacts, find people you probably know, and confirm or delete friendship requests
  • Chat with your friends from the similar interface supplies that you have already installed Messenger on your PC
  • Inspect the calendar of the next events to view the entirety of your invitations and know whose birthday will be coming.
  • Come to your own profile and adjust your information, bio, cover photo or avatar
  • Sort your photos by albums and discover the collections of your contacts
  • Set up the application to protect your personal information and security. Also, you could set up who will be able to see your post in the futures
  • Save favor posts to read them after that
  • Log in and set up a native Facebook app, just the same as games and amazing engines.
  • Install emotion packs to supply your posts with more reaction
  • Join all groups you desire with various contents

Facebook also allows users to delete their accounts as long as they desire or until they want to open. This is another useful function that helps people will not lose their friends but still delete as they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Facebook on Windows:

  1. Q: How do I install Facebook on Windows?
    • A: To install  on Windows, visit the Microsoft Store, search for “Facebook,” and click “Install.”
  2. Q: Can I use it on Windows?
    • A: Yes! You can download the Facebook Messenger app from the Microsoft Store to chat with friends and manage messages.
  3. Q: Support video calls?
    • A: Absolutely! Facebook on Windows allows video calls through Messenger. Just click the video icon during a chat.
  4. Q: Can I upload photos and videos from my Windows PC?
    • A: Yes, you can upload media directly from your PC to Facebook. Click the “Photo/Video” button when creating a post.
  5. Q: Is Facebook for Windows optimized for touchscreens?
    • A: While it works well with touchscreens, Facebook’s interface is designed for both touch and mouse/keyboard input.

Remember, a well-optimized FAQ section can provide valuable information to users and enhance their experience!


There are all aspects in terms of Facebook, a useful social platform that you should know before using it. Install Facebook for PC Windows to keep in contact with your friends and get the newest trend over the world. You will realize more functions when you using it regularly and discover every function in the setting or newsfeed. We hope you all will enjoy it.


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