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Beini for PC Windows 7/8/10 is a free download LiveCD operating system. It is helpful to audit the encryption of WiFi networks and regain WEP with WPA passwords.

Beini PC Windows


In other words, Beini is a lightweight Live CD Linux distribution. It contains many useful functions.

Audit wireless programs

You will receive an exciting and efficient pack of tools. These are the design for working with the security of WiFi nets.

Check out the safety

It’s possible to test the state of the encryption of Wi-Fi access points.

Some key features

Together with a few highlights mentioned above, you can find the following features once access.

Small distribution formed on Linux and optimized to delve into what you want

Burn the ISO image on a CD

Copy it to a USB

Exists with plenty of devices and WiFi cards


Again, it’s important for you or any users to burn the ISO onto a CD or USB Pendrive before operating it!

A list of major tools in Beini

Beini is a cool software available for Windows. It consists of some remarkable items as shown below. At the same time, they can make recovering WEP & WPA passwords occur smoother. So, they are:

WiFi Scanner

It’s considered a detector. It’s capable of searching for nearby connections and estimating their signal’s intensity.

Packet injection tool

It’s good at attacking WiFi networks choosing the card, the listening mode, and the kind of strike.

Hence, you can connect to the Internet without paying a penny. However, you should avoid using it for that purpose.

With Beini a software free download for PC Windows, you can dig deeper into the security of a wireless network. In addition to that possibility, you can look over the encryption of WiFI nets easier and faster. Download and share the soft now!


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