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FixWin is an essential tool for you to solve common problems on windows. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not download this application for PC Windows for free.

This application will solve many problems that you may or may not have encountered on windows 10. From there, it makes the operating system experience more enjoyable and perfect. Saves you money when you don’t know how to fix it and have to take it to repair

It helps you to fix up to 50 different problems for windows. It detects and repairs common problems affecting Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer. It best supports Windows, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems

In addition, the program also helps you repair internet connections. Even set TCP/IP addresses to the default address, find and restore Recycle Bin icon when lost. It has a fast scan and repair speed. You need to close all active applications on your computer to start the scanning and error correction process.


  • Detect and repair any problems with your computer.
  • Troubleshoot and repair over 50 different problems.
  • Repair Internet connections.
  • Set TCP/IP address.
  • Enable the Context menu when inactive in Internet Explorer.
  • Find the lost IE or Recycle Bin icon.
  • Reset music library, rebuild the database in Windows Media.
  • Repair Device Manager, install Windows Search to default.
  • Reset broken application icons.

Download FixWin for PC Windows for free to experience the exciting features it has to offer.