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VirtualBox is a tool for virtualization that is free for PC Windows 7/8/10. Download the new app to virtualize x86 operating systems and launch multiple operating systems!



Oracle is the author of the current software. The product that you are exploring will allow you to complete the typical jobs as follows:

  • Convert something (x86 OS) to a computer-generated simulation of reality
  • Run different operating systems at a time on your PC without complicated installation steps

Feasible to handle various operating systems and evade complex installations

In fact, the soft is ready to help the user activate and manage OSs on a computer as a client. In other words, they won’t ask for any hard disk partitions or fiddle with compound configurations.

So, you can say that it is a very helpful tool to fulfill that aim.

Key Features

Explanations cannot show up the content of VirtualBox PC Windows in detail. You can check the following section to learn much more about the existing application.

Possible to port across platforms

The portability that we are talking about will let you generate virtual machines. These devices are able to numerous operating systems. Especially, they are active without requiring particular hardware for virtualization.

Virtualize ability

It can do that with a lot of OSs. For example, Windows, GNU/Linux, MS-DOS, or OS/2 Warp being organized the corresponding programs.

Field test

The app can solve an issue relating to the configuration of your computer. It can finish the task because the creator turned it into a testing ground for new programs.

It means that whichever you implement on the virtual machine won’t influence the host operating system. Hence, testing will not affect your PC’s configuration.

VirtualBox is a great app for virtualization for PC Windows that you ought to try out. It’s now free for you to download for personal use only.



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