How to Make Your Auto-Tune Vocals Sound Like the Pros

This section will show How to Make Your Auto-Tune Vocals Sound Like the Pros, which you desire to discover deeply.

The amazing thing that everybody has known about Antares AutoTune is that it is a different digital audio plugin used in the bedroom and professional studios. Even the beginners who do not have any knowledge in terms of producing music, they are also able to understand the word “Auto-Tune” and even the overview effect it gets on the human voice.

Even though AutoTune has been developed to become an outstanding phenomenon, just a few musicians or composers understand deeply how to make the sound similar to the famous records.

AutoTune has been classically designed to be used on vocals, even though in some situations can be applied for particular instruments. Despite the purpose of the usage, to let Auto-Tune can give the best result, there are three key things that need to be put precisely.

Make Your Auto-Tune Vocals Sound Like the Pros
Make Your Auto-Tune Vocals Sound Like the Pros
  • The correct key of the song: This is the most essential section of the process and were almost people have failed. Bedroom producers, and even some expert at the studios who could not get enough exact music theory basic elements, have wholly dropped into the trap of putting Auto-Tune in the incorrect key. If a song is in C major, it will not operate in D major, E major, etc. – even it will operate in C’s major relevant minor, A minor. The no different key will operate precisely. It supports to direct you a little in terms of music theory, and how to search the key of the song.
  • The Input Kind: You get the choices to select from Bass Instrument, Instrument, Low Male, Alto/Tenor, and Soprano. Bass Instrument and Instrument are absolutely, for instruments, so skip them if you intend to apply a vocal effect. Low Male would be chosen if the singer is singing in a fairly low octave. Alto/Tenor will be for the most popular vocals kinds, and Soprano is for thoroughly high-pitched vocalists. Put the import kind precisely support AutoTune reduces which it will concentrate on – and you will have a more correct product.
  • Retune Speed: This knob, meanwhile essential, is actually all dependent on the pitch of the import source. Generally, the higher the knob is, the quicker it will tune every note. A slower speed will affect a little more refreshing, allowing some natural vibrato via with no impact on a vocalist’s pitch as fast. Some users consider it an “amount of Auto-Tune knob”, which is not correct in terms of technic. The count of the correction is dependent on the official pitch, yet you will listen to additional effects of the Auto-Tune the quicker it is put.

Thus, let come to the condition that you get the entire of these set precisely. You get the correct key; you also select the correct range for the singer, and the retune speed is at its average of 20ms by default. Meanwhile, their voice is supposed to be precise; it’s still not fairly precise to the right pitch.

We also show you the reason why your Auto-Tune does not sound perfect

The pitch of the vocalist before Auto-Tune processing must be rather similar enough to a note in the scale of the key of the song to get the most perfect result. More to the point, the singer has to be at least close to the precise note for it to get the most pleasant voices. If the note the singer officially sings is rather close to the right note in the key, Auto-Tune will attempt to calculate as well as it is also able to rotate up and down, based on what note is nearest.

We always hope the ways to How to Make Your Auto-Tune Vocals Sound Like the Pros is useful for all the producers if you are an expert or a beginner. Bear in your mind to sustain the essential elements to get your music perfect.

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